year Drums Lead Guitar bass guitar keyboards vocals
1961 Dave Maine Mick Dunford Pete Shannon John Hawken Ramon Phillips / Arthur Sharp
1962 Dave Maine / Roger Groome Mick Dunford Pete Shannon John Hawken Ramon Phillips / Arthur Sharp / Terry Crowe
1963 Roger Groome / Peter Jones Mick Dunford / John Allen Pete Shannon John Hawken Ramon Phillips / Arthur Sharp
1964 Peter Jones / Barry Jenkins John Allen Pete Shannon John Hawken Ramon Phillips / Arthur Sharp
1965 Barry Jenkins John Allen Pete Shannon John Hawken Ramon Phillips / Arthur Sharp
1966 Barry Jenkins / Roger Groome John Allen Pete Shannon / Neil Korner John Hawken Ramon Phillips / Arthur Sharp
1967 Roger Groome John Allen Neil Korner John Hawken Ramon Phillips / Arthur Sharp
1968 Roger Groome John Allen Neil Korner John Hawken Ramon Phillips / Arthur Sharp
1969 Roger Groome / Lenny Butcher John Allen / Chris West / Len Tuckey Neil Korner / Roger Deane   Ramon Phillips / Arthur Sharp
1970 Lenny Butcher Len Tuckey Roger Deane   Ramon Phillips / Arthur Sharp
1971 Lenny Butcher Len Tuckey Roger Deane   Ramon Phillips / Arthur Sharp
1972 Lenny Butcher /  Phil Sayers Len Tuckey / Brian Holloway + Glen Turner Roger Deane / Trevor Williams   Ramon Phillips / Arthur Sharp
1973 Phil Sayers Glen Turner + Brian Holloway Trevor Williams / various deps   Ramon Phillips
1974 Phil Sayers Rob Hendry various deps / Trevor Williams Trevor "No Pins" Nightingale Ramon Phillips
1975 Phil Sayers / Rob Pusey Rob Hendry / Ian Campbell Trevor Williams / Len Surtees Simon Spratley Ramon Phillips
1976 Rob Pusey Ian Campbell / Rod Roach Len Surtees Simon Spratley Ramon Phillips
1977 Rob Pusey Rod Roach / Paul Mardell Len Surtees / Peter Brent Simon Spratley / Rick Westwood Ramon Phillips
1978 Rob Pusey Paul Mardell / Pete Agate Peter Brent / Len Surtees Rick Westwood Ramon Phillips / Mike Liddel
1979 Rob Pusey Pete Agate Len Surtees Rick Westwood Ramon Phillips
1980 Rob Pusey Pete Agate Len Surtees   Ramon Phillips
1981 Rob Pusey Pete Agate Len Surtees   Ramon Phillips
1982 Rob Pusey Pete Agate Len Surtees   Ramon Phillips
1983 Adrian Metcalfe Pete Agate / Rod Roach Len Surtees / Dave Stubbs Simon Spratley Ramon Phillips
1984 Adrian Metcalfe Rod Roach / Ian Campbell Dave Stubbs /Colin Pattenden Simon Spratley Ramon Phillips
1985 Adrian Metcalfe Ian Campbell Colin Pattenden Simon Spratley Ramon Phillips
1986 Adrian Metcalfe Ian Campbell Colin Pattenden Simon Spratley Ramon Phillips
1987 Adrian Metcalfe Ian Campbell Colin Pattenden Simon Spratley Ramon Phillips
1988 Adrian Metcalfe Ian Campbell Colin Pattenden Simon Spratley Ramon Phillips
Adrian Metcalfe Ian Campbell / Ken Osborn Colin Pattenden Simon Spratley Ramon Phillips


Whatever happened to......  

Pete Agate
(birthday ?)
1978-1983: Peter was, and still is, an amazing lead guitar player. The recording of "Live At The Nags Head 1993" (still available) showcases his awesome guitar work. Peter left The Nashville Teens in 1984. Peter lives in the Bognor Regis area where he still plays in his own local band.


John Allen
(b: Apr 23 1945)
1963-1969: John took over from Mick Dunsford in 1963, He was a mainstay of the band throughout their most successful recording years and eventually left The Nashville Teens in 1969 to take up a successful career as a furniture upholsterer. He retired recently and now makes guitars by hand.
Pete Brent   1977-1978: Bass Guitar:  We understand that Pete is still playing.
Lenny Butcher 1969-1972: Lenny joined from "The Chasers", which had also featured both Roger Dean and Len Tuckey. Lenny now lives near Romford where he runs a Boxing Club.
Ian Campbell 1975-1976 and 1984-1989: Ian joined the Nashville Teens from Levee Camp Moan in 1975 when a new line up of The Teens was "parachuted in" to the PN Club in Munich to back Ray, who had been singing with various pick-up bands around Germany.  The line up was Ian Campbell, Simon Spratley, Rob Pusey and Len Surtees. For some time Ian managed to hold down a "day job" as a music teacher as well as The Teens lead guitar. Ultimately he had to choose between his teaching career and the band when they went off to tour Hungary. He chose his career - but has remained a friend and has "deputised" with The Nashville Teens on several occasions.  Many of the bands current arrangements - including Tobacco Road and the various medleys they have in their portfolio, were arranged by Ian in conjunction with Simon Spratley.  He subsequently played regularly with Paul King's Skeleton CrewThe King Earl Boogie Band and The Ian Campbell Blues Band. Unfortunately Ian had a serious car accident in 2013 as a result of which he was left paralysed on his left side and blind in his left eye.  With encouragement from the Nordoff-Robbins Foundation he has learned to play his guitar with just one hand - and continues to perform with his band, now renamed as Ian Campbell's Single Handed Blues Band.
Terry Crowe 1962: For a period The band had three vocalists; Terry joined Ray Phillips and Art Sharp. After leaving The Teens Terry's music career continued in a couple of bands named The Pentad and The Plebs - a brief spin-off from The Teens. He was later reunited with Mick Dunford and John Hawken in Renaissance in 1970
Roger Deane
(b: Mar 07 1947)
1969-1972: Roger Deane- real name Roger Pincott - originally played in a band called The Chasers with Lenny Butcher and Len Tuckey before joining The Nashville Teens.  Roger eventually emigrated to Sweden where he currently still lives.. 
Mick Dunford
(b: Jul 08 1944 - d: Nov 20 2012)
A Founder Member: 1961-1963: A founder member of The Cruisers, one of the two bands which merged to form The Teens. After playing lead guitar with the Teens Mick's career continued in the music business.  He was reunited with Terry Crowe in both The Pentad and The Plebs, before he moved on to join John Hawken in Renaissance in 1970. Mick remained the mainstay of various iterations of Renaissance right up until his untimely death in 2012.
Roger Groome
1962-1963 and 1966-1969:  Roger  took over drums from Dave Maine in 1962. He sadly passed away on 14th May 2019, aged 79. 
Pete Harris
John Hawken
(b: May 09 1940)
A Founder Member: 1961-1968 : Johns first proper band was The Cruisers Rock Combo, with Pete Harris, Mick Dunford and Dave Maine - this band became the core of The Nashville Teens when they were joined by two singers - Art Sharp and Ray (Ramon) Phillips. Eventually John left the Teens to play with Spooky Tooth, from whom he occasionally moonlighted as a member of the session band Frankie Reid & The Powerhouse. In 1970 he was reunited with Mick Dunford, Neil Korner and Terry Crowe in Renaissance; and went on to play with Vinegar Joe, Illusion (two albums: Illusion and Wings Across The Sea); and Third World War before joining The Strawbs - where he featured on their albums Hero & Heroine and Ghosts. He emigrated to USA in 1979 but continued to play with The Electric Strawbs until 2012.  In his new home state of New Jersey, John plays with a local band called The Rocketmen, and has guested with both The Strawbs and The Yardbirds when they tour the USA. When John visits the UK he makes a point of coming to see the current line up of The Teens, and in July 2016 he "deputised" keyboards in Simon's absence and played a whole gig with the current band.
Rob Hendry 1974-1975: A good lead guitarist, Rob joined The Teens from Renaissance, went on to join The Motors after leaving The Teens.
Brian Holloway
1972-1973:  Brian was an Australian guitarist who was briefly a member of The Teens in 1972; he played lead guitar between Len Tuckey leaving and Rob Hendry joining. After his short spell went on to join an international prog-rock band called Esperanto
Barry Jenkins
(b: Dec 22 1944)
1964-1966: The drummer on the bands seminal hit, Tobacco Road, Barry's real name was Colin Ernest Barry Jenkins.  Barry moved on to join The Animals in 1966. He has since worked as a session musician and retired to run a guitar shop in Ramsgate, Kent.
Peter Jones 1963-1964: Drummer
Neil Korner 1966-1969: Neil Korner joined The Nashville Teens from The New Vaudeville Band. After his time with the Teens he moved on to work with John Hawken in Renaissance, and thence to Frankie Reid and The Powerhouse, and The Dana Gillespie's Band.  Now retired and living in the Coulsdon area of Surrey, Neil plays with his own band which is called Watts Cookin'.
Mike Liddel 1978: Mike joined The Nashville Teens as a vocalist to support Ray. He only stayed for a year and left with Rick Westwood when The Tremeloes reformed - in Mike's case to become their tour manager.
Dave Maine Founder Member: 1961-1962: Was originally the drummer in The Cruisers Rock Combo - the band which spawned The Nashville Teens.  Dave left to join The Barron Knights, but did not stay long with them.  Dave eventually left the music business and worked repairing televisions in Addlestone.
Paul Mardell 1977-1978 Lead Guitar:  Paul is still playing and when last contacted he had recently reunited with Pete Brent and they were planning to do some gigs together.
Adrian (Spud) Metcalfe Current Line-up: 1983-to date: Adrian - better known as "Spud" - has drummed with the Teens for forty years, and - apart from Ray - is the longest serving band member in the Groups history. Spud started his career with The Nashville Teens as a roadie - and sat in behind the drums as an emergency dep - he was so good that they kept him there!  Spud is a strong, rock steady, rock'n'roll drummer. The best! He also sometimes plays with some of the other current members of The Teens in Five Card Hand.
Trevor "No Pins" Nightingale
1974: Keyboards.  Trevor was introduced to the Teens by Trevor Williams after working with Leo Sayer.  His nickname arose from a dressing room incident while he was with the Teens. In the early seventies the height of fashion was to wear "Loons". These were slim, low waisted and flared trousers - but very prone to the zip breaking. Apparently two of the band had already suffered this wardrobe failure, but fixed it with safety pins.  There were no safety pins when Trevor's zip failed - hence the name "No-Pins"
Ken Osborn Current Line-up: 1989- to date: Ken is an accomplished lead guitarist who has played with many other bands including Levee Camp MoanSpank The Monkey, The King Earl Boogie Band and the Jackie Lynton Band.  He also plays with some of the other current members of The Teens in Five Card Hand. Listen to his solo when he performs "Born To Be Wild" live on stage - he really lets it all out!
Colin Pattenden Current Line-up: 1984 - to date: Colin plays bass guitar and cut his teeth as a session guitarist for the likes of Englebert Humperdink and Leapy Lee in the sixties, but made his biggest mark as a founder member of Manfred Mann's Earth Band in the early seventies. Colin has also played with Mungo Jerry, The King Earl Boogie Band, Five Card Hand and The Jackie Lynton Band.  Colin owns and runs his own business called CP Sounds which supplies, installs and maintains sound systems in clubs and restaurants around the World.  
Ray Phillips Current Line-up and Founder Member: 1961 - to date: The bands lead vocalist, Ray - real name Ramon - has carried on the band with various line-ups since 1961.  Ray's parents were both in the entertainment business, so it was natural for Ray to get involved in a local skiffle group after he completed his National Service with the army. Ray has been tempted by other bands (he reminisces that he turned down an offer from Jack Bruce to become vocalist for Cream when it was being formed) but he has always remained loyal to The Teens.  This doesn't mean he doesn't work with other stars - but his priority is to his own band, and you only have to watch his face while he is singing "Tobacco Road" to know that he still loves every note of the song, even after more than fifty years performing it ! 
In 1990 he recorded a stunning CD called Regression with The British Invasion All-Stars, which included Jim McCarty of The Yardbirds, and some members of The Downliners Sect. He has also recorded with Vanity Fare, Chris Bryant and Hungarian star Zalatnay Sarolta, as well as providing occasional vocal support to Paul Kings Skeleton Crew and to Five Card Hand when the opportunity arises.  Ray loves the outdoor life, and is one of the nicest and most straightforward guys you could ever hope to meet.  When he's not on stage he is happiest out of doors - and he's a real "twitcher" when it comes to spotting wildlife. 
Roger Pincott see ROGER DEANE
Rob Pusey
Feb 1st birthday
1975-1982: In 1975 a new line up was "parachuted in" to the PN Club in Munich to back Ray, who had been singing with pick-up bands around Germany.  The line up was Rob Pusey, Len Surtees, Simon Spratley, and Ian Campbell. Rob worked with The Nashville Teens between 1975 and 1980, taking a short break in 1977 to join a band called The Renegades. He eventually left The Nashville Teens to work with The Honeycombs, Chicory Tip, and Panache. Rob also worked as a technical consultant with German Techno artist, Mark'Oh! in the nineteen nineties.  Rob currently has his own  band called Night Train operating in the Blackpool area.
Rod Roach 1976 -1977 and 1983-1984: Lead Guitar: 

Phil Sayers
1972 - 1975 Drums
Pete Shannon Harris
(b: Aug 23 1944)
Founder Member 1961-1966: Pete was with The Nashville Teens until 1966, when he left the band and the music business to follow a career in banking. He has retired now and lives in the Littlehampton area with his second wife, Juliet. Pete has picked up his bass guitar again and joined a local band.
Arthur Sharp
(b: May 26 1940)
Founder Member: 1961 - 1972 : Art, with Ray, made The Nashville Teens a very different sixties band by having two lead singers. Arguably one of the first "Boy Bands". Art eventually left the band because it just wasn't paying the bills, but he stayed in "the business"  joining Don Arden's management team working for Jet Records.  Among the artists he subsequently worked with were The Electric Light Orchestra (ELO); Lyndsey De Paul; Alan Price; Ozzy Osborne; Carl Perkins; Raymond Froggett; Magnum; Violinski; and Black Sabbath. An amazing array of talent.  Art is now retired and living near London. 
Simon Spratley Current Line-up: 1975-1977 and 1983 - to date: Simon is a classically trained pianist - and has a day job as a music teacher. He has played with many other bands, including Cheques In The Post and The Ian Campbell Single Handed Blues band.
Together with Ian Campbell (an ex-Teen), Simon is responsible for many of the arrangements which the band has in it's repertoire today - including the climactic ending to "Tobacco Road" and all the bands current medley numbers.
Dave Stubbs 1983-1984: Bass Guitar:  Dave was last in contact with the band about 1998 in the Weymouth area.
Len Surtees 1975-1977 and 1978-1983:  A total new line up was "parachuted in" to the PN Club in Munich to back Ray, who had been playing with pick-up bands around Germany.  The line up was Len Surtees, Simon Spratley, Rob Pusey and Ian Campbell.  After his time with The Nashville Teens Len joined up with Ray Dorset, Peter Green and Vincent Crane in a band called Katmandu.  Len currently lives in Sunningdale and plays with Spinout.
Len Tuckey 1969-1972: Len joined The Nashville Teens from a local band called "The Chasers" - he eventually brought two other members of that band into The Teens, Roger Dean and Lenny Butcher.  Len left The Teens to work with Suzie Quattro's Band.  He subsequently married Suzie in 1976 and was long term lead guitar with her band until their divorce in 1992. 

Glen Turner


1972-1973: Glen provided lead guitar services to The Teens until he left to join Chris Stainton's Tundra and later Pete Haycocks True Blues.
Chris West 1969 Lead Guitar:
Richard Westwood 1977-1979:  Pianist Rick Westwood joined the Nashville Teens from The Rubettes, and had earlier in his career played keyboards with The Tremeloes. He left the Nashville Teens to return to play with The Tremeloes when they reformed. 
Trevor Williams
(b: Jan 19 1945)

1972-1973 and 1973-1975: A well established session musician (Bert Weedon, Lloyd Alexander etc) , Trevor also played with Audience before his two episodes of providing bass guitar to The Teens. He took a break in 1973 to play bass for Jonathan Kelly's Outside; before rejoining The Teens in 1974. Trevor retired from the music business in 1975 to champion his animal charity "The Fox Project" -which he still runs. However, we all know that musicians can never really "retire", so in 2004 he was part of the re-launch of Audience which survived until 2013.  Trevor now fronts a band called Blue Pulse - which as well as local gigs, is also used as a backing band by Terry Dene.

You can find Trevor's Fox Project at The Fox Project - Southern Wildlife Ambulance Network - when you've done, close that page to return to this one.

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