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Front and back of sleeve of Japanese version of Tobacco Road with mistranslated lyrics

from the collection of Dominique Anglares
lyrics reproduced below the picture for clarity


Transcribed for clarity from the Japanese record cover above.


I was born in a bunk
Mama died and daddy got drank
Left me hitched by a goat

In the middle of tobacco road

Drew em in, closed the shack
All I had was hanging on my back
Only you know how I love
This place colled tobacco road

But this is home, the only life Iíve ever known
Only you know how I love, tobacco road
Gonna leave get a job

With the help and grace from above
Save some money get rich and old
Bring it back to tobacco road

Bring dynamite and a train
Blow it no start it all over again
Build a town by the shoul
Give it the name tobacco road

Cos itís home the only life Iíve ever known
I despise a greasome cupid
But my love is your home.