Despise you 'cos you're filthy,  but love you 'cos you're home

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This site is managed by Roger Cooper, the nearest thing that the current line-up of The Nashville Teens have to a manager or a roadie or perhaps just a sympathetic ear - a role that often feels much more like being their collective mother ! You can't control old musicians - but you can try to get them to gigs and herd them onto the same stage at approximately the same time..... That's his role.

The site is created using Microsoft FrontPage  and is published on servers hosted by Mythic Beasts Ltd.

The site is provided primarily for fans of the band and to publicise the current list of impending performances. The contents are as correct as we know - but while we do our best, we are always grateful for any corrections or additional information

If you need to contact us, please click this icon to e-mail Roger at :

All of the photographs on this site are the private property of somebody (usually listed where we know it) and none of them may be re-published without the specific permission of the owner


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