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Introducing the band today: Who are they and what are their musical backgrounds.   Their heritage is set out on the "FAMILY" link in this website - which displays the Family Tree of the band.



A founder member of 
The original Nashville Teens


Ray - real name Ramon - is a surviving founder member of The Nashville Teens.  Ray's parents were both in the entertainment business, so it was natural for Ray to get involved in a local skiffle group after he completed his National Service with the army. Ray has been tempted by other bands (he reminisces that he turned down an offer from Jack Bruce to become vocalist for Cream when it was being formed) but he has always remained loyal to The Teens.  This doesn't mean he doesn't work with other stars - but his priority is to his own band, and you only have to watch his face while he is singing "Tobacco Road" to know that he still loves every note of the song, even after more than fifty years performing it ! 
In 1990 he recorded a stunning CD called Regression with The British Invasion All-Stars, which included Jim McCarty of The Yardbirds, and some members of The Downliners Sect. He has also recorded with Vanity Fare, Chris Bryant and Hungarian star Zalatnay Sarolta, as well as providing occaisional vocal support to Paul Kings Skeleton Crew and to Five Card Hand when the opportunity arisesUnfortunately much of The Nashville Teens early work is no longer available except through second hand record dealers.
Ray loves the outdoor life, and is one of the nicest and most straightforward guys you could ever hope to meet.  When he's not on stage he is happiest out of doors - and he's a real "twitcher" when it comes to spotting wildlife. 

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Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals

Colin cut his teeth as a session guitarist for the likes of Englebert Humperdink and Leapy Lee in the sixties, but made his biggest mark as a founder member of Manfred Mann's Earth Band in the early seventies. Colin has also played with Mungo Jerry, The King Earl Boogie Band, Five Card Hand and The Jackie Lynton Band.  Colin owns and runs his own business called CP Sounds which supplies, installs and maintains sound systems in clubs and restaurants around the World.  


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Keyboards and Backing Vocals

Simon is a classically trained pianist - and has a day job as a music teacher. He has played with many other bands, including Cheques In The Post and The Ian Campbell Single Handed Blues band.
Together with Ian Campbell (an ex-Teen), Simon is responsible for many of the arrangements which the band has in it's repertoire today - including the climactic ending to "Tobacco Road" and all the bands current medley numbers.

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Lead Guitar

Ken is an accomplished lead guitarist who has played with many other bands including Levee Camp MoanSpank The Monkey, Five Card Hand, The King Earl Boogie Band and The Jackie Lynton Band.  Listen to his solo when he performs "Born To Be Wild" live on stage - he really lets it all out!

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Adrian - better known as "Spud" - has drummed with the Teens for over forty years, and - apart from Ray - is the longest serving band member in the Groups history. Spud started his career with The Nashville Teens as a roadie - and sat in behind the drums as an emergency dep - he was so good that they kept him there!  Spud is a strong, rock steady, rock'n'roll drummer. He sometimes also appears with Five Card Hand.


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